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Changing the Future of Ocean Management for the Better

With more than 20 years’ legal and business experience, our expertise lies in advising and representing organisations and businesses on all issues pertaining to the marine environment. We have experience consulting on aquaculture, marine and fisheries law, maritime security and marine resources management.

Whether your water-based business is in the start-up phase, just been purchased or you have been operating for some time, we can assist you in ensuring it is compliant and protects your asset.

If you have a regulatory issue, a contract dispute or just require some legal agreements we can assist.

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Aquarius Lawyers is the law firm for assisting those businesses working in the marine environment with all their legal issues. Our firm can provide advice and representation in all areas marine business, commercial fisheries, aquaculture and international law.

Known as “The Fish Lawyer” for her specialization in aquaculture, marine and fisheries law, Katherine Hawes is the principal of Aquarius Lawyers. Katherine’s unique blend of business and maritime expertise means that you will be provided with a specialized and professional legal solution. The aim is to provide cost effective legal and compliance solutions for your business.

Katherine is a regular speaker at international events on legal issues affecting the marine environment and has completed a Masters of Maritime Law. We understand that the legal system can be a maze but through sound legal advice we aim to guide you through that maze to find the best legal solution for you.

Board Appointments & Professional Representation

Katherine Hawes is also the Chairperson of Aquaculture Without Frontiers, which is an independent non-profit organisation that promotes and supports responsible and sustainable aquaculture and the alleviation of poverty by improving livelihoods in developing countries.

Katherine Hawes is the founder and board member of the Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP), to promote sustainable seafood development as a means of improving the nutrition and health of people, and to foster social and economic development.

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