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Our Philoshopy

  • To design, develop and deliver innovative adult education solutions.
  • To provide high quality solutions to increase skills, knowledge and capability through innovative organizational development services.
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Our Experience

  • A combined experience of over 25 years within the education industry matched with experience in the industry.
  • Developing and designing training programs for internal staff.

Our Services

  • Education, Training and Development – development and delivery of Workshops, Seminars, Courses and Programs.
  • Design and development of training programs both face to face and online.
  • Blended learning programs for adult education.

Maritime Law for Non Lawyers

This course provides participants with a fundamental grounding in key areas of maritime and shipping law which is important for working in the shipping, trade, ports, marine environment, regulatory and governmental policy areas of today.


Agents in the Maritime Industry – Law & Practice:

The shipping business is primarily an international business. For example, ships might be owned in one country, insured in a different country, hired by a person in third country, and carry cargoes from a fourth country to a fifth country. If agency is new to you, this intensive two-day course will help you to identify these legal and practical issues. Meanwhile if you are already a professional in the shipping business, the course will refresh and deepen your knowledge and aid your professional development.


Employment Law Essentials for Managers

This course is designed to provide managers and supervisors with an overview of the current legal frameworks relevant to the day to day operations of an organization.


Law for Non Lawyers

This course is designed for people who work with lawyers or carry out paralegal functions, but have had little or no formal training on the legal system.


Contract Law Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers

Contract Law Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers is an intensely practical course that will guide you through the essentials of contract law, exploring such details as when you need a contract, what types of contract exist and the effect of statutory law on your contractual arrangements.


Commercial Maritime Contracts for Non-Lawyers

This course analyses the close links between the two main contracts: of sale and carriage. It will discuss the relationship between the typical documents and the liabilities that arise out of the contracts, revealing key pitfalls and opportunities for strategic advantage.


Work Health and Safety Legislation- The Fundamentals

This course is designed to explain to you the fundamentals of the legislative requirements and the practical implications for you and your organization.


Business Law for Non Lawyers

Business Law for Non Lawyers is a two-day course designed to give managers an introductory overview of legal issues. From contracts, company structures and IP to employment law and the uncharted territories of online and e-commerce law attend to gain an understanding of the legal issues that impact the day to day operation of your business.

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