Festive fish dishes for your Christmas table!

If you're a seafood lover and haven't decided what to serve your loved ones on Christmas Day, here are some delicious and easy to make fish dishes to make your guests extra jolly! Lobster and summer...

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Article: Indigenous Fishing Rights

The rights of indigenous peoples living in coastal States to engage in their traditional fishing practices is an ongoing issue around the world. The central question lies in whether or not...

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Article: Berthing your boat at a marina

Berthing your boat at the marina is a great way to reduce the risk of mooring in more open waters. However, although marina's provide great facilities, it pays to do your research first and make...

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Article: A Guide to NSW Private Moorings

Katherine Hawes Article in Australian Boat Mag January 2016. If you want to moor your vessel on navigable waters in NSW, then you must have an annual private mooring licence. Read more here. Aust...

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Article: Stop and Read the Fine Print

As a marine and boat lawyer, I often come across people who have ended up disappointed and even exploited as they got carried away in the excitement of buying a boat and didn't pay attention to that...

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Article: Smoke and Mirrors

Article: Smoke and Mirrors Despite ship transportation being considered as the most energy efficient mode of transport, it still represents a significant contribution to global emissions. Read more...

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Article: Legal Waves- Australian Boat Mag

Article: Legal Waves - Australian Boat Mag Looking at how the law interfaces with today’s boat owners and fishermen. Click the link to download the article: ABM225_1440132151.pdf_extract

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