Aquarius Lawyers is providing legal advice and guidance to Professional Fisheries in NSW relative to the introduction of the Share Catch Quota system at reduced membership rates.

If you have appealed to the Share Catch Appeal Panel and have hearings in October 2019 then give us a call to discuss the process for moving forward with professional representation.

Our legal assistance rates will be reduced for members of the Professional Fisherman’s Association by 15% on the already reduced rate offered with a Group Action.


Known as the ‘Fish Lawyer’, Katherine is passionate about the Marine and Aquaculture industries and provides advice to clients within the marine and maritime environment, including ocean based businesses, commercial fisheries, defence of fisheries and pollution prosecutions, aquaculture, marinas, maritime security, commercial shipping, cruise liners, marine resources management and marine and fisheries international law.

If you would like to discuss your legal requirement please call 0450533474 or email