Sustainable Seafood For The Christmas Dinner Table

Sustainable Seafood For The Christmas Dinner Table

by | 5 Dec 2014

Christmas is this wonderful time of the year that we decide to be happy and to make others happy as well. It is a time of giving, love, family, friendship and miracles.
Unfortunately, Christmas time is also a period of the year related to excessive spending, shopping and eating.In this special time, when everyone is in the mood for a good meal and gift giving, it is quite easy to ignore the sustainability facts surrounding our meals.
According to the Australian tradition and complementing the hot weather, most Australians will be having fish forChristmas and most probably barbecued one.
If you are having fish for Christmas, and you are concerned about what you are eating, you most probably would like to know what is the most sustainable fish to eat for Christmas.
Some people might think that there is nothing unsustainable about fish. Some of you might be aware of the issue but not sure how and where to shop. Don’t worry, we will explain.
The biggest issue with sustainable fish is imported fish.The majority of the fish we eat is unfortunately imported.
1. If you want to start eating sustainable fish, you need to start with the origin – always ask where is this fish coming from?
2. Switch the fish that you are already eating for a more healthy and sustainable one. For example, tuna can be substituted by Australian Salmon.
3. Skip the sushi and the king sized prawns that are not locally sourced. Always chose the local alternative.
4. Eat smaller fish – it is more sustainable because small fish reproduces way easier.
If you are looking to pan or deep-fry some fish choose whiting, bream, mullet or flathead. For grill barbecue we recommend mahi mahi, bonito, Spanish mackerel leatherjacket plus local wild prawns. Be on the look for imported fish – buy only Australian, local fish to have a sustainable Christmas dinner. For a stew or curry your best choices are mackerel, leatherjacket, traveland mahi mahi.
The best choice for whatever dish you decide to serve on Christmas is one of those: bream, mussels, mullet, Australian salmon or King George Whiting. To make it easier for you, we chose five different and easy recipes for you to try this Christmas with sustainable fish.
Enjoy and have a magical sustainable Christmas!

Download the PDF of the recipes here.

sustainable fish christmas dinner choices

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