Marine Medical Research – Key Legal Issues

Marine Medical Research – Key Legal Issues

Over the last 10 years there has been increased interest in the use of marine organisms in medical research. However which country has the right to exploit these resources. The main issues concern where the organisms are found, and the extent to which a natural...

Article: A Guide to NSW Private Moorings

Katherine Hawes Article in Australian Boat Mag January 2016. If you want to moor your vessel on navigable waters in NSW, then you must have an annual private mooring licence. Read more here. Aust Boat Mag Jan 2016.pdf_extract

Article: Stop and Read the Fine Print

As a marine and boat lawyer, I often come across people who have ended up disappointed and even exploited as they got carried away in the excitement of buying a boat and didn’t pay attention to that all important fine print. Download the article here: Australian...